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Welcome to our virtual exhibit for the EEA-ESEM 2022 conference. Browse some of our recent books and journals below to find the latest scholarship and research in economics and related fields. 

Featured Textbooks    

Game Theory and Behavior
Strategies and Games
Economic Dynamics, Second Edition
Advanced Microeconomics book image
Bond Markets, Analysis, and Strategies book jacket
Financial Modeling book jacket
Mathematics for economics book image
Student Solutions Manual for Mathematics for Economics

Featured Books

Bounded Rationality book image
Karl Brunner book cover image
Hub-and-Spoke Cartels book jacket
Public opinion book image
There's Nothing Micro book image
Doing Economics book image
How we Give Now book image
Flip Side of Free book image
What's the Worst That Could Happen
Just Money book jacket
Work of future book image
Tomorrow's economy book image
Parent Trap book image
Public Purpose book image
Redesigning AI book image
Combating Inequality book image
Winning the Right Game book jacket
Open Strategy book jacket
The Transformation Myth book jacket
Workforce Education
Sludge book image
Digital Work book image
Innovation Matters book image

Featured Journals

Asian Economic Papers cover image
Education Finance and Policy cover image
Harvard Data Science Review logo

Book Proposals

If you have a book proposal for the MIT Press, please contact Laura Keeler

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